• To produce high commitments of staff in meeting UniMAP’s mission to produce human capital that can contribute to the development and National Industrial Competitiveness.
  • To provide training on related policies and programs for the development of UniMAP’s staff towards more knowledgeable, highly skilled and better personal character and values.
  • To provide opportunities for UniMAP staff attending the training program in accordance to the scheme of their services.
  • To develop quality and efficient staff.
  • To develop UniMAP staf character based on the principle of KNOWLEDGE, SINCERITY and EXCELLENCE.
  • To have bilateral relations in strategic planning with other departments/units in the organization and outside the organization for human resource development in UniMAP.
  • To provide a clear procedure in terms of requirements/eligibility and financial for staff to attend training program.
  • To provide latest and efficient training facilities to meet the customer needs.                


UniMAP Training Policy Statement

"Providing opportunities for UniMAP staff to attend training for personal and organizational development"


Customer Charter 

With sincerity and commitment to personal and organizational development, we pledge and promise to:

  • Provide with quality, latest and practical training and development programs to meet the annual training plan and the established training schedule.
  • Announce to the customers on training plan for at least one week before the commencement of internal courses and 2 weeks for external courses.
  • Provide the opportunities for customers to attend the planned training program in accordance with the scheme of service and official duties in the office.
  • Conduct the strategic and professional discussions pertaining to staff training and development.
  • Process and verify the staff application for attending courses organized internally, externally or by other departments within a week after the official approval obtained.
  • Update staff application status "online" within a day and issue invitation to attend training within 2 days after the official approval obtained.
  • Ensure that the training advance and claims are processed and submitted to Bursary Department within 7 days before and after the training respectively.


Objectives Training Unit

  • Providing qualified, capable and competent personnel
  • Achieving work output of high quality
  • Improving productivity and competency
  • Shaping positive attitudes and values
  • Establishing value-creation and value-added in public sector
  • Providing direction for career advancement


Objectives Competency Unit

  • Provide efficient and quality Mind Transformation Programme, Services Examination and Incentive Examination Financial Functions [BITK] that can help management to plan and implement the objectives of the Department of the Registrar.
  • Manage all matters concerning Mind Transformation Program, Service Examination and Incentive Examination Financial Functions [BITK].
  • Provide appropriate policies consistent with the requirements of Mind Transformation Programme, Service Examination and Incentive Examination Financial Functions [BITK] according to guidelines set by the Department of Public Service.


Training Policy

 (Based on Service Circular No. 6 2005)

   i.      The department shall provide an annual allocation of at least 1% of the emoluments for training;

   ii.      Head of Department shall ensure staff at all levels attend training at least seven (7) days a year;

   iii.     Establishment of Public Sector Training Council which is chaired by Director General of Public Service for the implementation at federal level; and

   iv.     Establishment of Human Resource Development Panel which is chaired by Secretary General of the Ministry/ Head of Department for the implementation at               Ministry/Department level.