Policy Management

(a)     To manage, control and execute the policies related to all personnel aspect especially in preparing the personnel Estimated Management Budget, advertisement, the principle of salary scheme and resignation policy.

(b)     To manage all policies/aspect related to the service scheme regulation and other government procedures in recruiting the academic and non-academic staff (permanent, contract of service (citizen and non-citizen), part-time, temporary).

(c)     To manage all policies/aspect in recruiting the Adjunct Professor, Visiting Academic Staff, Guest Lecturer and Industrial Guest Lecturer in accordance with the university Term and Reference Condition.                                              

(d)     To manage all aspect in appointing the academic staff to be the head of department (management position) e.g. as the Dean of the School, Deputy Dean, Director, Deputy Director, Coordinator, Programme Chairman etc.                 

(e)     To manage all aspect related to the job rotation policy, position shifted and promotion policy.



To coordinate and to act as Secretariat for the committees as below:

i.    Selection Committee for the appointment of staff;

ii.   Principle of Salary Scheme Committee;

iii.  Promotion Committee;

iv.  Selection Committee for the appointment of Deputy Vice Chancellors.


To coordinate with various ‘stakeholders’as below which involve in job routines :

i.    Ministry of Higher Education Malaysia (Governance Division, Human Resource Division, Higher Education Department);

ii.   Malaysia Public Service Department  (Organisational Development Division, Service Division, Remuneration Division);

iii.  Finance Ministry (Treasury Division);

iv.  National Audit Department;

v.   Public Universities;

vi.  All UniMAP Staff.


To coordinate the process of updating staff information in IUS-HRM.